LEGOLAND® Billund builds world novelty in 2012

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Polar Land is the name of the completely new area in LEGOLAND® Billund. The main attraction will be the first roller coaster in the world to combine a 5-metre-drop with an outing among live penguins.


The poles meet in LEGOLAND, in the new 12,500 square metre Polar Land area. Here guests can take a ride in the Polar X-plorer, which is the first roller coaster to combine a 5-metre-drop with a visit into the world of penguins.


Moreover, the area holds a penguin display, a restaurant and the existing Power Builder, which will be transformed into a flight simulator.

The expansion is the largest expansion in the history of LEGOLAND Billund and needs a 75 mill. DKK investment.


A crazy ride
The new area has been developed by the LEGOLAND Park’s own designer Tom Christiansen:


- New young polar researchers can expect quite a ride in the Polar X-plorer. The coaster has a top speed of 65 km/h and leads guests through an ice-waterfall, past impressive polar animals built of LEGO® bricks, into a giant mountain, just to crash through the ice in a 5-metre-drop. Then speed decreases, allowing guests to enjoy the view of live penguins, Tom Christiansen tells. He is looking very much forward to testing the ride himself.


Only two roller coasters with drops already exist in the world, but this is the first to combine the experience with a zoological element. Polar X-plorer will be the fastest roller coaster in LEGOLAND Billund and will take guests 20 metres up in the air.


New residents in LEGOLAND
The penguin display will be a central part of the new area. It will house 15 Gentoo penguins, which are easily recognized by their distinct donkey-like sound. From a special amphi theatre guests can experience talks and feeding of the penguins by professional communicators.   


- The Gentoo penguins are very active animals, who love to swim. We have arranged the display so it’s similar to their natural habitat. The display is soundproofed and the windows are darkened from the inside to prevent the penguins from getting stressed during our high season, when the park is filled with happy guests, biologist Lars Nørholm Jensen from LEGOLAND tells. He is responsible for the penguins’ new home.

Dine with the penguins
A new polar-themed restaurant will be built next to the penguin area. The restaurant can seat 350 dining guests, who can view the penguin display and almost actually dine with the penguins.


The 75 mill DKK investment in Polar Land will be the largest investment ever in LEGOLAND Billund’s history. The area will be located in the far corner of the park replacing the existing Event Area. The expected opening date of the new area will be May 2012, about one month after the official opening of LEGOLAND Billund.


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LEGOLAND® Billund builds world novelty in 2012
Polar Land is the name of the completely new area in LEGOLAND® Billund. The main attraction will be the first roller coaster in the world to combine a 5-metre-drop with an outing among live penguins. 


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