Polar Land opening 

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It was with bated breath that young polar explorers could finally charge into Polar Land in LEGOLAND® on Sunday. The first encounter with the penguins resulted in smiles and children and parents exclaiming ‘oh so cute’, while the Polar X-plorer brought out high-pitched screams of excitement


A 5-metre free fall in a roller coaster causes serious butterflies-in-the-stomach sensations, and LEGOLAND felt the same sensation when the park after months of hard work could finally let visitors explore Polar Land.


- We are very proud of our achievement, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is our visitors’ verdicts. All of us were therefore ‘eavesdropping’ on our first visitors to hear their reaction, and it seems that we have hit the spot with Polar Land, says Henrik Höhrmann, CEO of LEGOLAND.


A wild ride
Polar Land was quickly filled with screams of joy as the first visitors boarded the new Polar X-plorer roller coaster.


- Most visitors found the ride fun and wild, but it was the 5-metre free fall inside the big iceberg which brought out most screams, says Henrik Höhrmann.


Polar X-plorer is the second of just two free fall roller coasters in the world.


Curious penguins

The last leg of the Polar X-plorer ride goes past the park’s 17 new penguins which, for two months, have only had builders to look at, so they seemed happy to welcome new visitors. At least, the curious little creatures were swimming around and were happy to stop if a particularly interesting visitor could be seen at the other side of the glass. Visitors to the Pizza & Pasta restaurant, in particular, had quite a special meal experience in company with the penguins.


The keeper's hand feeding of the penguins attracted a lot of visitors who watched the spectacle from behind large panoramic windows. Thanks to an audio system in the habitat, you can also hear the hungry penguins braying, eager to be fed.


Polar Land was opened by the renowned explorer Philippe Cousteau together with a number of famous Danish actors and musicians. After the official opening, Philippe Cousteau was given a penguin in return for his help. This penguin was, however, made of LEGO® bricks.


Costing DKK 75 million, Polar Land is the biggest new attraction in the history of LEGOLAND.


For further information, please contact PR & Press Manager Jonas Søndergård on +45 7950 1801, jonson@legoland.dk

opening of the Polar Land with snow balls

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Polar Land
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 the Princess in Penguin Bay

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 Polar X-plorer

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 Henrik Höhrmann and Philippe Cousteau

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