Evening buffet every night 

Every night, you and your family can enjoy a large and delicious buffet from LEGOLAND® Holiday Village's own restaurant - The Pirates' Inn. The buffet offers a selection of salads, two varieties of meat, miscellaneous potatoes, sauces, fish, bread, LEGO® French fries, a selection of children favourites and a delicious ice buffet for dessert. Prices: Children DKK 99 and adults DKK 198.

Or maybe you prefer a delicious pizza or salad from the Captain's Take Away.


Evening buffet 

Delicious breakfast buffet 

Every morning, you and your family can enjoy a large breakfast buffet that offers freshly baked bread, eggs, bacon, pancakes, cheese, jam, chocolate/nut spread, yoghurt, muesli, oatmeal, cornflakes, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, juice, tea, coffee and cocoa. Prices: Children DKK 65 and adults DKK 95.


We help you get started 

Whether you travel by car, bus, train or plane, getting to LEGOLAND® Holiday Village is easy. If you travel by plane, Billund Airport offers connections to most of the world and is located only 3.5 km from LEGOLAND® Holiday Village.

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Meeting & Conference 

LEGOLAND® Holiday Village features a professional course and conference centre. Facilities, rooms and kitchen are all top-class and the price level is attractive. All needs and requirements are individual, and your events can be adapted to your level of ambition.

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Overview map 

LEGOLAND® Holiday Village is a modern camping site and cabin area with many facilities. Here you will find minigolf, an activity playground, a mini-zoo as well as sheltered and cosy nooks. The overview map provides an overview of LEGOLAND® Holiday Village and all the opportunities we offer.

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