The LEGOLAND® Billund School Programme takes place in Atlantis and the SEAT Traffic School.


In Atlantis, there are everyday examples that help give pupils insight and a general understanding of important phenomena and interconnections in the seas and oceans. One of the primary goals is to give children an understanding of what they themselves can do to improve the situation for many of the endangered marine species.


At the SEAT Traffic School, pupils aged 7-13 acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in traffic safety. These skills teach pupils to watch for danger signals and thus to conduct themselves more safely in traffic – both on bike and on foot.


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Tour of the aquarium *

Nature & Technology/ Biology
Behind the scenes with a biologist or an aquarist

0 - 10th

(children 6-15 years old)

Traffic School *

Lessons at the SEAT Traffic School
Opportunities and dangers in traffic

2nd - 6th

(children 7-13 years old)

ATLANTIS has been developed in co-operation with SEALIFE


* There is a fee for lessons