A tour of the aquarium 

A tour of the aquarium

0.-10th (children 6-15 years old)
Duration approx. 45 minutes
Max. 30 pupils per lesson

Price: DKK 20 per person 


Accompany an Atlantis instructor on a tour beneath the surface of the sea, and hear all the interesting accounts of sea horses, sharks, rays, and other beautiful fish in the Atlantis aquaria. We discuss topics such as adaptation, behaviour and camouflage.


If possible on the day of your visit, we will during the last part of the tour, invite pupils behind the scenes in the aquarium where, amongst other things, they learn about the daily work of a biologist or an aquarist, as well as the many different types of food that are provided for the fish.

If you are working with topics not covered by our Tour of Atlantis, you are welcome to contact us. We will then try to prepare a programme that complements your lesson plan.


ATLANTIS has been developed in cooperation with SEALIFE