Lesson at the SEAT Traffic School  

Lesson at the SEAT Traffic School

Children 7 - 13 years old
Duration: approx. 30 min.
Max. 20 children per lesson

School Price: DKK 40 per person 


Pupils in classes 2 - 6 can get their first driving licence at the SEAT Traffic School. Instruction is divided into theory and practice. Driving theory introduces the pupils to a relevant selection of traffic signs and teaches pupils the rudiments of motor traffic.


  • What do give-way markings mean?

  • Where should one be in the road to make a right turn?

  • What is especially important to notice when making a left turn at traffic lights?

  • How does one proceed in a roundabout?


Following the lesson in theory, the pupils drive real electric cars on a course equipped with road signs, a roundabout, a petrol station and a car wash. The instructor comments on the pupils’ conduct along the way, to increase their ability to assess traffic dangers. The aim is for the pupils to conduct themselves safely in traffic, and to learn about the traffic dangers they face – also when they are bicycling or walking.


When booked in advance, we can offer lessons at the SEAT Traffic School at a discount to school groups.