Jungle Racers 

Do you love high speed and big waves! Then Jungle Racers water scooters are made for you. But keep an eye out for unexpected water bombs!

Jungle Racers

Jungle Racers are made for speed-loving daredevils who aren’t afraid of getting wet. Great for kids and families.

Jungle Racers is located in Adventure Land, the action-filled paradise for cool kids. Go through the cave and hop onto a spectacular Jungle Racers water scooter for a wild trip across the foaming waves. But watch out for water bombs!

Sharply to starboard, Captain!
Onlookers can activate small underwater bombs, sending a jet of water into the air. If you don’t want to get dripping wet, you’ll have to veer sharply to starboard, Captain!



Worth knowing
Children must be at least 100 cm tall.

  • You must be at least 100 cm tall to go on this ride
  • Some rides require the presence of an accompanying adult due to certain restrictions concerning height or age. Please see the Safe & Fun sign which is posted at all rides. If in doubt, please ask the ride personnel.
  • Not permitted for persons with impaired walking ability or persons who cannot maintain a tight grip. Persons with handicaps must be accompanied by a helper (maximum 3).