Adventure Land 

Adventure Land

A world of fun, action and adventures for the family’s big kids:

Adventure Land
Adventure Land is where big kids learn that LEGOLAND® also means speed, action and excitement, with everything from wild jungle animals to live mummies in THE TEMPLE.


Adventure Land offers lots of fun, adventures and action-oriented activities for big kids and their families:

Jump into a jeep and take the family on a wild treasure hunt in THE TEMPLE, where you shoot your way through the spooky temple, hunting for hidden treasure. Keep you head cool and your trigger hot! But be careful – because earthquakes, villains and live mummies are lurking along this “dark ride” – the first interactive indoor attraction in the history of LEGOLAND. If your score is high, your name may appear on the scoreboard! After finishing the treasure hunt, you can also try your luck in the new TEMPLE Games.


Jungle Racers
Ahoy! The water scooters in Jungle Racers are waiting for speed-happy captains who aren’t afraid of making waves – or being ambushed by an underwater bomb!

X-treme Racers
X-treme Racers is one of the coolest roller coasters in LEGOLAND, where big kids and families can have themselves a wild adventure that will make them scream with laughter.


A great family activity
The Falck Fire Brigade is an activity that gets the family to work together as a team. In fact, parents enjoy the action as much as children do – maybe even more!

Adventure Path and Adventure Island
For some real fun, check out the Adventure Island, and explore the small jungle trails on the Adventure Path, with its challenging balance beams, climbing frames and other obstacles.

If you feel hungry for a snack after all the activities, you can get ice cream, coffee and sweets at the Supply Camp and Adventurers’ Depot. If you’re really hungry, try the Outpost Grill.

Food and beverages
• Supply Camp
• Outpost Grill
• Adventurers’ Depot


Did you know that THE TEMPLE was excavated in 2010 and opened as the big new attraction in LEGOLAND the same year?

Experience the diversity in LEGOLAND

  • Miniland

    Miniland is the heart of LEGOLAND®. Here, you can see the world in miniature and enjoy famous buildings, capital cities, villages and exciting areas, built of 20 million LEGO® bricks.

    Read more about the Miniland area.


    LEGOREDO® Town is the Wild West area in calm and peaceful LEGOLAND®. Here, the smell of gun smoke blends with the delicious aroma of spare ribs from the Saloon and campfire bread as only Chief Longears can bake it. Read more about LEGOREDO Town.

  • Imagination Zone

    Imagination Zone is the place where you can set your imagination free and experience the world in new ways – in Scandinavia’s biggest 4D cinema, or from the bottom of the sea. Read more about the Imagination Zone

  • Adventure Land

    If you like action and excitement, put on your tropical helmet and make your way to Adventure Land, where big kids ride one of the coolest roller coasters in LEGOLAND. And go on the wildest treasure hunt in THE TEMPLE. Read more about Adventure Land.


    KNIGHTS’ KINGDOMTM welcomes all knights and princesses to a command performance at the King’s Castle, where The Dragon roars in the dungeon! Read more about KNIGHTS' KINGDOM

  • DUPLO Land

    DUPLO® Land is a colourful play paradise filled with fun and activities for little kids. Here, tiny tots can roam safely at will, as they play, explore and discover. Read more about DUPLO Land

  • Pirate Land

    Grab your pirate gear and take a voyage to Pirate Land where there are pirates, sea monsters and wild, wet water battles for daring pirates of all ages! Aaarrrgh! Read more about Pirate Land.

  • Polar Land

    Bring the whole family on a wild adventure in our gigantic Polar Land. Get ready to enjoy the biggest attraction LEGOLAND has ever built: the cool Polar X-plorer rollercoaster. This ride has a unique 5-metre drop that will turn your blood to ice. Learn more about Polar Land.