The Dragon 

When you board the medieval roller coaster, The Dragon, you can look forward to an adventurous ride through the King’s Castle. It’s almost like riding on the back of a real live dragon!

Ride through the enchanted King’s Castle
In the King’s Castle, brave children and adults board The Dragon and move into a thrilling medieval world of mystery and suspense. You come close to life in the enchanted King’s Castle – from the Wizard’s Workshop to the dragon’s cave. You will experience heat and cold, lights, sounds, smells and movements, not to mention smoke and steam – that all combine to make this ride a fantastic adventure for the whole family.


So … full speed ahead!
But just as you think The Dragon is a peaceful creature, it suddenly speeds up, and concludes as a breathtaking roller coaster ride at full speed. So lean back and enjoy flying up, down and around on The Dragon’s back – if you dare!

On exiting, you can purchase a photo of yourself and your family, taken as you ride The Dragon.

A word of advice: watch out for the knight who works at The Dragon. He loves a quick sword fight.


Worth knowing
• Children between 100 cm and 120 cm tall may ride The Dragon accompanied by an adult
• You must be at least 120 cm tall to ride alone
• There is an extra fee for photos.

  • You must be at least 100 cm tall to go on this ride
  • Limited access for persons with disabilities. For more information, please contact the ride personnnel. Persons with disabilities must be accompanied by a helper (maximum 3 helpers).
  • Not permitted for pregnant mothers or persons with heart, neck, back or other health problems.
  • Some rides require the presence of an accompanying adult due to certain restrictions concerning height or age. Please see the Safe & Fun sign which is posted at all rides. If in doubt, please ask the ride personnel.
  • Skip the queue Buy an Express Pass (only available in the LEGOLAND park) and get quick access to up to 9 rides. Express Pass can be used once per ride and is valid for one day. Park capacity allows only a limited number per day.