A world of fun and Wild West adventures for children and families:

In LEGOREDO® Town you meet the Wild West in calm and peaceful LEGOLAND®, where gun-slinging cowboys, gold-diggers and Indians play with the children. Yihaa!

LEGOREDO Town offers lots of fun and activities for the whole family:

Chief Longears and the LEGOLDMINE®
Chief Longears is an institution in LEGOLAND. He has been the children’s best friend for several generations, and if you stop by his tipi, you can bake campfire bread and become a member of his tribe. Afterwards, all little gold-diggers will want to pan gold in LEGOLDMINE® and take a souvenir gold coin home with them.


Here you will also finde Ghost – The Haunted House – New in LEGOLAND® this year

Ghost – The Haunted House is horror, shocks and laughter for the entire family. UUuuuhhhHH!


Country & Western music, and delicious spareribs
You can hear our own Country & Western band, the RattleSnakes, perform live on the LEGOREDO Stage at the entertaining Western Evenings taking place every Thursday evening from 3 July to 31 July – with lots of good music and juicy spare ribs.

LEGO® Canoe
If you prefer more action and excitement, you can jump into a LEGO® Canoe and sail among bears and pumas. But beware, because the river ends in a roaring waterfall – and with a big splash!

Eating and shopping adventures
There are lots of possibilities to choose among when you get hungry in LEGOREDO Town. For snacks, try Hotdogs. If you have a sweet tooth, there is Dolly’s Coffee Shop and Western Sweets. For anyone who’s really hungry, there are the restaurants: Grill House and Saloon. And then there’s the Go Figure for shopping.


Food and beverages
• Hotdogs
• Grill House
• Saloon
• Dolly’s Coffee Shop
• Western Sweets

• Thai To Go

• Mexican Cantina


Did you know that Chief Longears has been in the park ever since LEGOLAND opened – and that he has baked campfire bread with several generations of children?


Did you know that Sitting Bull was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1986 as the world’s largest LEGO figure?


Experience the diversity in LEGOLAND

  • Miniland

    Miniland is the heart of LEGOLAND®. Here, you can see the world in miniature and enjoy famous buildings, capital cities, villages and exciting areas, built of 20 million LEGO® bricks.

    Read more about the Miniland area.


    LEGOREDO® Town is the Wild West area in calm and peaceful LEGOLAND®. Here, the smell of gun smoke blends with the delicious aroma of spare ribs from the Saloon and campfire bread as only Chief Longears can bake it. Read more about LEGOREDO Town.

  • Imagination Zone

    Imagination Zone is the place where you can set your imagination free and experience the world in new ways – in Scandinavia’s biggest 4D cinema, or from the bottom of the sea. Read more about the Imagination Zone

  • Adventure Land

    If you like action and excitement, put on your tropical helmet and make your way to Adventure Land, where big kids ride one of the coolest roller coasters in LEGOLAND. And go on the wildest treasure hunt in THE TEMPLE. Read more about Adventure Land.


    KNIGHTS’ KINGDOMTM welcomes all knights and princesses to a command performance at the King’s Castle, where The Dragon roars in the dungeon! Read more about KNIGHTS' KINGDOM

  • DUPLO Land

    DUPLO® Land is a colourful play paradise filled with fun and activities for little kids. Here, tiny tots can roam safely at will, as they play, explore and discover. Read more about DUPLO Land

  • Pirate Land

    Grab your pirate gear and take a voyage to Pirate Land where there are pirates, sea monsters and wild, wet water battles for daring pirates of all ages! Aaarrrgh! Read more about Pirate Land.

  • Polar Land

    Bring the whole family on a wild adventure in our gigantic Polar Land. Get ready to enjoy the biggest attraction LEGOLAND has ever built: the cool Polar X-plorer rollercoaster. This ride has a unique 5-metre drop that will turn your blood to ice. Learn more about Polar Land.