Frog Hopper 

Frog Hopper

Take a hoppy ride in the happy, green Frog Hopper. A sky-high attraction at kids’ height. Croak!

Frog Hopper
In a corner of inviting Miniland, you will find a lush green marsh with LEGO® mushrooms and LEGO frogs. This is where the Frog Hopper is located, ready to give children between 90 and 150 cm tall lots of fun on a tummy-tickling ride up and down the tower.

Take a sky-high ride
Sit on the bench under the happy, green LEGO frog, and look forward to a sky-high hopping ride: first, all the way to the top where the frog stops. Then, the tummy-tickling “frog leaps” begin. Up and down, again and again. Frog Hopper is fun for all children who enjoy bumpy rides.

Worth knowing
Only for children between 90 cm and 150 cm tall.

  • You must be between 90 - 150 cm tall to go on this ride
  • Not permitted for pregnant mothers or persons with heart, neck, back or other health problems.