Take the whole family up in the tallest attraction in LEGOLAND®, the colourful LEGOTOP®, where you can enjoy a view of LEGOLAND from a height of 36 metres.

You can’t help seeing LEGOTOP. It’s the tallest attraction in LEGOLAND, and an exciting ride that you and your family shouldn’t miss.

From the colourful, rotating elevator which rises to a height of 36 metres, children and adults have a panoramic view of LEGOLAND. What can you see? Can you see THE TEMPLE? Or how about Sitting Bull?

Like seeing Miniland from 720 metres height
Be sure to note the view of Miniland, as you slowly rotate past. Because Miniland is built on a scale of 1:20, viewing it from 36 metres height is comparable with the view from an airplane flying at a height of 720 metres.