Pirate Mini Water Falls - 14/5-23/8 2015 

Let the little kids romp at Pirate Mini Water Falls in the safe surroundings of this little oasis, with a water playground offering a slide, as well as enjoyable activities and lots of splashing water. See opening hours.

Pirate Water Falls and Pirate Mini Water Falls are open in the period May 14th - August 23rd 2015 from 12.00 till 5 p.m. when rides are open till 5 p.m. and from 12.00 till 6 p.m. on all other days, but remain closed if day temperatures are below 15 degrees Celsius.


Pirate Mini Water Falls
Pirate Mini Water Falls is the big water playground for little feet. Here, little kids can play in their own safe surroundings that feature a slide, enjoyable activities, and lots of splashing springs of water – that sometimes surprise you!

A good alternative to Pirate Water Falls
If the big kids’ water playground – Pirate Water Falls – is too challenging for your little kids, the mini version is an excellent and safe alternative. This little oasis offers lots of enjoyable water fun especially for young children.

Worth knowing
• Children under 5 years of age only with adults
• Children under 3 years of age must wear swim nappies *

• For reasons of hygiene, this activity has limited capacity. Guests are allowed in on a first-come, first-served basis

• All guests must shower before using the water playground
• There are changing rooms and shower rooms
• Park Management reserves the right to close the attraction in the event of unsuitable weather
• The attraction is open from 14 May - 23 August 2015


* Swim nappies for sale at the Pirate Beach Shop and the Pirate Castle Shop.

Drying facilities
Beside the Pirate Beach Shop, just across from Pirate Water Falls at the Pirate Splash Battle, there are large warm air blowers, where you can dry quickly and easily.

  • Some rides require the presence of an accompanying adult due to certain restrictions concerning height or age. Please see the Safe & Fun sign which is posted at all rides. If in doubt, please ask the ride personnel.