LEGO® Friends - New in LEGOLAND® in 2014

LEGO friends black box


The LEGO® Friends girls have moved into LEGOLAND

See the five LEGO Friends up close and explore Heartlake City with your family.

LEGOLAND Billund has become the first park to feature the home town of the LEGO Friends girls, Heartlake City, where you can go on a treasure hunt in the town and solve the five riddles, leading you to the girls' special icons. Enjoy a great view of the whole town from the lookout, where you can see all of Heartlake City. 

Be sure to take a picture with the five LEGO Friends girls at the photo wall before going home – so you have a lovely memory of your visit to Heartlake City to show all your friends.


LEGO Friends i miniland       LEGO Friends i miniland
Take a picture with the 5 LEGO Friends piger       LEGO Friends area in LEGOLAND