Atlantis by SEA LIFE

Grab your hat and swim goggles, and join the cool LEGO® divers on an expedition to Atlantis by SEA LIFE™. But beware! The Atlantis treasure is guarded by live sharks!


Atlantis by SEA LIFE
You will enjoy diving to the fantastic LEGO world beneath the surface of the sea. This is an activity that all family members – young and old – will enjoy sharing.

Get close to sharks and long-lost treasures
In the big LEGOLAND® underwater attraction, you will ”travel” to Atlantis, where brave explorers of all ages can admire submarines, shipwrecks, tropical fish and treasure chests bulging with precious stones. And don’t forget the live sharks!


Board the sub
The journey begins with everyone boarding the big “submarine” and viewing a film on the lost city of Atlantis. The doors open, and the journey continues along the ocean floor past fascinating aquaria, as LEGO divers show the way to Atlantis, which is guarded by live sharks!

See a shark from below!
You can also look forward to observing the many tropical fish: graceful cownose rays, giant Japanese crabs, and amazing sharks, as well as the rare and charming Atlantis sea horses. And in the transparent tunnel between the two large aquaria, the sharks swim leisurely above your head. Here, you can actually see a shark from below!


CRABZILLA: Meet the biggest crabs in Denmark – if you dare!
Take a deep breath and get ready for a genuine monster of an experience. Atlantis by SEA LIFE™ has landed the hugest Japanese giant crabs in Denmark, and they are waiting to greet you with their 2-metre claw-span. Put your head into the glass dome to get up close and personal with these giants of the sea. We dare you!

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