In cooperation with LEGOLAND® we have built up a large area in Miniland focusing on energy in our daily lives. In an interesting and educating way the LEGO bricks show how energy is made. Through a fruitful cooperation Ørsted's specialists have helped the creative LEGOLAND designers with all the technical details on energy.

Energy is an integrated part of everyday life and a prerequisite for almost all that people do and it is Ørsted's task to contribute with solutions to the energy challenges. We procure, produce, distribute and trade in energy - and we do it in a manner that is responsible towards this and future generations. We are a part of all the phases of the energy from production to consumption. That provides us with the necessary competencies to develop our company.

Falck has existed for more than a century, and one of our main activities is saving lives and property by putting out fires as quickly as possible. 
Like LEGOLAND, Falck is also a company for children. For example, Falck provides first aid courses for both children and adults. The participants learn to administer first aid and put out fires. 
What's important for Falck concerning the children, is that learning takes place on the child's terms - and that through play, fun and entertainment, children learn about fire prevention, and also what to do in case of an accident. In this sense Falck has a natural affiliation with the LEGOLAND parks’ values of learning through play. 
This also makes it easy for us to serve as a partner to LEGOLAND on the Falck Fire Brigade, which opened in 2005. 
The Falck Fire Brigade is an activity for the whole family. Everyone can participate and work together to put out the "flames" quickly and effectively. 
Falck is an international corporation, whose 28,000 employees in 35 countries all work to fulfill our mission: to prevent accidents and rescue people and animals when they are injured or ill. It is crucial for people who are injured that they receive medical treatment promptly. This is why it is so important that as many people as possible are taught to administer first aid. That saves lives, and every year some 40,000 Danes starting at pre-school age participate in a Falck first-aid course.

SCA Hygiene Products is among the leading European manufacturers of products for personal hygiene. One of its leading brands is Libero nappies.

Libero sponsors the Babycare Centre in LEGOLAND. At the Babycare Centre, parents can obtain a free Libero nappy and change their children, and mothers can nurse their babies in peace and quiet. It is possible to boil water, warm bottles and food etc., while older children entertain themselves in the fire engine or have a look at the enjoyable books provided by the Libero Club.

Libero is the nappy that provides freedom of movement, allowing and encouraging physical development through play. This is in full harmony with the values on which LEGOLAND and LEGO® focus: creativity, fun and development in a unique environment where the child is the hero.