Halloween at LEGOLAND®

Bats squeak, werewolves howl and ghosts flutter in the autumn wind at LEGOLAND® during Halloween. Take the sweet-but-scary Brick or Treat route through the bewitched LEGOLAND®, and get gruesome goodies from the Halloween creatures along the way. Valid on selected days only.

  • 4. - 24. October
  • LEGOLAND, The entire park
  • For the whole family

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Halloween at LEGOLAND®

A huge monster is slumbering inside the LEGOLAND® Park. Stay awake so it can't catch you in your nightmares! You should also keep a plank's-width distance from the pirates’ blood-red water, so that the ghosts from the haunted tipi in the Native American Village can't push you in. Hunt out the spookiest attractions at LEGOLAND if you dare – perhaps the singing pumpkins will lull you into a treacherous Halloween sleep...

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Fyrværkeri 6

Giant Fireworks Display 31 October 2021

The creepy monsters are haunting LEGOLAND® over Halloween! Help us send the monsters back to their caves with an EXPLOSION of colourful fireworks over the castle in Knights’ Kingdom on 31 October 6:15 pm.

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Brick or Treat bags are sold out!

Visit the haunted LEGOLAND® and get gruesome goodies from the Halloween creatures along the Brick or Treat route. Buy your Brick or Treat voucher online before you arrive to ensure you have plenty of goodies for your creepy creatures tour. 

The activity is open from 16-23 October.

Characters Og Børn 3

Meet the gruesome creatures

Gruesome creatures have popped up all around the haunted LEGOLAND® Park and are waiting for sweet kids to frighten. Take care that the fantasy witch doesn't enchant you or that the Ice Queen doesn't turn you to ice! Have your fortune told by the mysterious fortune teller, and learn about wizadry from the mad professor. 

Den Skøre Professor 3 (1)

Go on a pumpkin hunt in the LEGO® shop

Join us on a spooky pumpkin hunt in the LEGO®, shop and count how many pumpkins are hiding among the LEGO®, boxes on the shelves. Leave us your answer in the answers box and win great LEGO®, prizes!

The activity is open from 16-23 October.

Det Hvide Par 3

Get painted like a creepy creature

Would you like to be painted like a pumpkin, a ferocious werewolf, a spooky spider or perhaps have a spiderweb pattern painted on your face? Visit us next to the pirate boats and be part of the spooky fun at LEGOLAND®,!

LEGO Græskar 1

Enter our awesome building competitions

Build your own pumpkin out of LEGO®, bricks and place them on the farm’s display. We find five new winners in the building competition every day. The winners will win a fantastic LEGO®, box. 

The five winners will be found at: 

12:30 p.m. 

2:00 p.m.

3.30 p.m. 

5:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m. 

Prizes should be picked up in the LEGO®, shop the same day. The prize cannot be exchanged. 

The activity is open from 16-23 October.

Græskarsalg 1

Buy a pumpkin

Buy a pumpkin at the exit to LEGOLAND®,and cut out your own monster at home. Price per pumpkin: DKK 20.

The activity is open from 16-23 October.

Castle Halloween 600X600

Do you dare spend the night in the haunted castle?

The fantasy witch has transformed magical LEGOLAND® into a scaaaaaary land, and the fortune-teller forewarns shockingly low prices at the LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel and Hotel LEGOLAND®,. How many nights do you dare book?

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