Magical prices on Black Friday

Black Friday offers in LEGOLAND®

In LEGOLAND®, the mysterious witch brews adventurous Black Friday offers for you. If you cannot wait for her magic potion, you can always get enchanting prices on tickets, Season Passes and accommodation in LEGOLAND.

Black Friday in LEGOLAND®

Wush! The mysterious witch in LEGOLAND® swings her wand over her witch's pot, so you can get enchanting Black Friday deals in LEGOLAND. The pot sizzles and bubbles with a magic potion that can reveal the Black Friday deals you can get on Black Friday in November 2020. While you wait to take a sip of her magic potion, you can look for deals, savings and good prices in LEGOLAND already now and get unforgettable experiences in the world-famous LEGOLAND park with more than 50 rides.

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