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LEGO® building activities

Creep into the giant and impressive LEGO® pumpkin

Giant LEGO® pumpkin
Creep into the giant and impressive LEGO® pumpkin, which is made of more than 100,000 LEGO bricks, and have your photo taken with your family and one of the delightfully scary Halloween characters at the park.

Build a pumpkin for the chance to win LEGO sets
Give free rein to your finest construction skills and build your own LEGO pumpkin – and you’ll be helping us create a giant LEGO pumpkin exhibition. We have 250,000 bricks for you to use to build your pumpkin, so get going and have fun!

We will be drawing the names of four pumpkin constructors every day, and each lucky winner will receive a cool LEGO set.

Help us build the giant LEGO mosaic
Let’s build a huge LEGO mosaic together! You will be given a LEGO building plate with colour codes, and then it is simply a matter of finding the right bricks in the right colours. Once you have filled up your plate, we will add it to the mosaic wall and all your wonderful LEGO plates will end up forming an immense Halloween motif!

LEGO Frankenstein's Castle - NEW
The LEGO Frankenstein monster has broken out of his castle and the crazy professor is busy building up the castle again. Come and help him so that the monster doesn’t get out. Build a brick in LEGO bricks for the castle and get a memento from the professor as a thank you for helping him.