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We look forward to welcoming you!

Visiting LEGOLAND® should be a safe and secure experience for guests and employees alike. This is why we have implemented a range of measures to ensure that we are all protected to the best extent possible against infection from coronavirus.

There will be signs with information for our visitors to LEGOLAND, but we advise everyone to familiarise themselves with our FAQs below on how to conduct yourself both before and during your visit to LEGOLAND. 

Requirement of negative coronate test to enter LEGOLAND

The authorities require all visitors to present a 'corona passport' or a negative COVID-19 test together with a health insurance card, driver’s licence, passport or other publicly issued ID card before entering LEGOLAND. The test must be no more than 72 hours old on arrival, and it must be possible to present it either digitally or on paper, with the name, test date and test result clearly stated. All guests from 15 years and up must show a negative test.

Both PCR test and rapid test (antigen test) can be used. It is important to bring documentation of the test result that clearly states your name together with the time/date of the test and the result.

Proof of vaccine is valid 14 days after the first vaccination and less than 42 days between the first and second vaccination.

We will check your COVID-19 test when you arrive in the area in front of the entrance to LEGOLAND. There are signs that will show you where to go.

We recommend that you buy your ticket in advance at LEGOLAND.dk, but if you want to buy it on the day, you need to purchase your ticket before we check your COVID-19 test.

The negative COVID-19 test must be less than 72 hours old at the time of arrival.

If you have tested positive for coronavirus, you must be able to provide documentation of a positive test that is at least 14 days old and no more than 8 months old at the time of arrival.

The guidelines from the authorities contain some exceptions. People who, for medical reasons,  should not take a COVID-19 test and people who, due to physical or psychiatric disability should not take a COVID-19 test are exempt from the requirement to show a test result.

Guidelines and general questions

We follow all general  recommendations from the authorities as well as the specific instructions for amusement parks.
First and foremost, it must be possible to keep a safe distance from other people throughout your entire visit to LEGOLAND. We have also implemented a range of measures relating to cleaning and hygiene, and last but not least, we have trained our staff on how to handle the situation.

We ask all our guests to follow the guidelines from the Danish health authorities and to show consideration by following some simple advice:

  • Do not visit LEGOLAND® if you feel unwell or have symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by our employees and on the signs and distance markings in the park.
  • Use hand sanitiser before and after going on a ride or bathroom visit.

The entrance to LEGOLAND will be open in good time before the rides open to prevent lots of people from gathering in the area in front of LEGOLAND. In general, we advise you to keep a safe distance from other visitors in the car park, by the pedestrian area and in the area where you will be required to show your COVID-19 test and scan your ticket. There will be distance markings in the area where you scan your ticket or Season Pass for LEGOLAND.

We have designed all the queues so that it is possible to keep a safe distance from the other visitors. It is very important that everyone stays behind the distance markings until a space becomes available by the next distance marking. If there is no room for more people in the waiting area, we ask you to find another ride rather than forming a queue outside the waiting area.

It is important to take the other visitors into consideration and maintain a safe distance. We encourage our visitors to walk on the right side of the paths and avoid stopping in the middle of the paths.

It must be possible to maintain a safe distance from the other visitors in LEGOLAND, which is why we generally have a limit on guests that is about half of the normal capacity. LEGOLAND must be a safe place for both visitors and employees, and we naturally comply with applicable requirements from the authorities.

We generally encourage our visitors to ensure they maintain a safe distance from other visitors. We have also given a number of employees the job of walking around LEGOLAND and keeping a close eye on the places where we know our visitors would normally gather in one place.

We have members of staff who walk around the park making sure that our visitors are maintaining a safe distance from each other. If you experience a situation where other visitors are not showing consideration in this regard, you should contact the nearest member of staff.

At LEGOLAND, everybody from 12 years and up must wear a face mask on rides, in stores, public toilets/restrooms and other places where this will be indicated by signs. Both disposable and cloth face masks can be used. 

Rides and other activities

All waiting areas next to the rides are supplied with distance markings, which clearly show how much distance you should keep from the other visitors. If the waiting area is already full, we generally recommend that you do not form a queue and try another ride instead.

We thoroughly clean and disinfect all the rides a minimum of once daily. On some rides, surfaces are disinfected several times a day.

Yes, it is possible to get a 'show consideration' wristband for your visit to LEGOLAND. It is important that you order your 'show consideration' wristband in advance, as we only have a limited number each day.

At LEGOLAND, everybody from 12 years and up must wear a face mask on rides, in stores, public toilets/restrooms and other places where this will be indicated by signs. Both disposable and cloth face masks can be used.

Cleaning and hygiene measures

We thoroughly clean and disinfect everywhere in the park daily. Toilets are cleaned several times a day, and all surfaces, door handles and so on are also disinfected. We kindly ask our guests to use hand sanitiser before they go on a ride, visit the bathroom, go into a store and so on. Gloves are available for those with allergies or irritated skin.

There are hand sanitisers at the entrance and exit of all rides, toilets and sales outlets.

All our employees have undergone thorough training regarding coronavirus and know that they need to stay home if they have symptoms of coronavirus. We also encourage all our employees to be tested at least once a week.

Restaurants and shops

Several of our restaurants and smaller food stands are open. Find the open restaurants in our app. 

These shops will be open every day that the park is open:

LEGO Shoppen
Front Gate
Kids Wear
Go’ Figure
Castle Shop
Name On It
Sweets Kingdom
Ninjago shop
Candy Corner (Weekends) 

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