Take your family on a sensational treasure hunt in THE TEMPLE, where you shoot your way through the very scary temple as you hunt for hidden treasure. Keep your head cool and your trigger hot. But beware of earthquakes, villains and live mummies lurking in the dark.

In the heart of a huge archaeological excavation project, THE TEMPLE is an ancient Egyptian structure where brave children and families can go on a sensational treasure hunt. Exciting adventures are waiting inside THE TEMPLE – and your name might appear on the score board if you’re a very good shot!

Go treasure hunting in THE TEMPLE – if you dare!
Jump into a jeep and take your family on an eventful treasure hunt, where you shoot your way through the scary temple as you hunt for hidden treasure. Keep your head cool and your trigger hot, because earthquakes, villains and live mummies are lurking in the dark.  Only excellent marksmen emerge with maximum points.


An open excavation
An attraction in itself, the area in front of THE TEMPLE is designed as a huge archaeological excavation area with many fascinating LEGO® models – and lots of atmosphere and entertainment. While you queue for the first dark ride in LEGOLAND, you can chat with the super cool LEGO adventurers who carry a whip in their belts.

THE TEMPLE – the first ”dark ride” in LEGOLAND®
THE TEMPLE is an interactive indoor attraction where you and your family take a wild ride through the dark in your own jeep, equipped with light guns and joysticks. All you must do is keep your finger on the trigger!

Don't forget to purchase a souvenir photo for home of your trip through the scary TEMPLE.

Worth knowing
• Recommended for children over 3 years of age
• Children under 130 cm must be accompanied by a responsible person
• There is an additional fee for photos

  • You must be at least 3 years old to go on this ride
  • Some rides require the presence of an accompanying adult due to certain restrictions concerning height or age. Please see the Safe & Fun sign which is posted at all rides. If in doubt, please ask the ride personnel.
  • Not permitted for pregnant mothers or persons with heart, neck, back or other health problems.
  • Limited access for persons with disabilities. For more information, please contact the ride personnnel. Persons with disabilities must be accompanied by a helper (maximum 3 helpers).
  • Skip the queue Buy an Express Pass (only available in the LEGOLAND park) and get quick access to up to 9 rides. Express Pass can be used once per ride and is valid for one day. Park capacity allows only a limited number per day.