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Guests with special needs

At LEGOLAND®, everyone should have a great experience and we have lots of possibilities, including for those with special needs.
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Everyone should have a great day at LEGOLAND®

We've compiled the most important information and guidelines to ensure that those with special needs have a fantastic and unforgettable experience at LEGOLAND®.

If you need further information, please contact our Service Centre or stop by our Information Desk after entering LEGOLAND. 

Be visible at all times with the Sunflower Lanyard

LEGOLAND is part of the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower programme for those with a non-visible disability who need a little extra time, understanding, patience or assistance during their visit. You can obtain a Sunflower Lanyard from the Information Desk. The Sunflower Lanyard does not offer any special advantages at LEGOLAND apart from extra consideration. Read more about the Sunflower Lanyard here.

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