X-treme Racers 

X-treme Racers puts you on track for some totally amazing action. Jump aboard – if you are ready for a turbocharged ride. If you like power and speed, you’ll like X-treme Racers.

X-treme Racers
X-treme Racers is one of the coolest roller coasters in LEGOLAND®, and hugely popular with big kids and their families. You can look forward to an X-treme ride that will make your hair stand on end! X-treme Racers is located in Adventure Land – just follow the sound.

16 metres up and down at 60 km per hour
Jump aboard the super LEGO® racers, and prepare to be propelled up, down and around through hairpin bends at turbocharger speeds.

Dare you go through the black tunnel at top speed? Can you take the incredible acceleration as you plummet downward? Then you are ready for a super cool experience!

When you exit, you can purchase a photo of yourself and your family taken during your ride. A photo that will make you laugh, perhaps?

Worth knowing
• Children must be at least 120 cm tall
• There is an extra fee for a photo.

  • You must be at least 120 cm tall to go on this ride
  • Limited access for persons with disabilities. For more information, please contact the ride personnnel. Persons with disabilities must be accompanied by a helper (maximum 3 helpers).
  • Not permitted for pregnant mothers or persons with heart, neck, back or other health problems.
  • Skip the queue Buy an Express Pass (only available in the LEGOLAND park) and get quick access to up to 9 rides. Express Pass can be used once per ride and is valid for one day. Park capacity allows only a limited number per day.