LEGO® Studios

Make yourself comfortable in LEGO® Studios, Scandinavia’s biggest 4D cinema, and let your adventure begin. You’ve never seen films like this before – with you whole body!

LEGO Studios

You will find LEGO Studios theatre – Scandinavia’s biggest 4D cinema – in the far corner of Imagination Zone. In showing films that involve all the senses, LEGO Studios strives to give children and parents quality film experiences on a level with the best and most professional concert halls and theatres in Denmark.

Advanced sound
The sound in LEGO Studios is also an experience, with surround sound and amazing acoustics. For example, the loudspeakers have 32,000 W output power. In comparison, 2000 W are normally sufficient for an indoor music event.

Light, smoke, wind and rain
Thanks to an advanced light system with 200 projectors, smoke machines and various 4D effects that make a multi-show possible, you will experience the feeling of wind and rain on your own body. So, put on the 3D glasses, and be prepared to experience a truly wonderful world. During the season we will present:


LEGO® Legends of Chima™

Don't miss the thrilling 4D Movie Xperience,  where you and the  young animals participate in a wild chase through Chima, and inadvertently becoming entwined in a battle for CHI between Laval the Lion Prince, and Cragger the Crocodile Prince. Feel the full power of CHI – only at LEGO STUDIOS in LEGOLAND!

Clutch Powers in 4D – only at LEGO Studios
Don’t miss the thrilling Clutch Powers 4D film that will bombard your senses. Hold onto your hat and glasses, when the cool Clutch Powers and his team of experts set out to find a top-secret package. It won’t be easy, because there are unpleasant surprises everywhere, vicious monsters, and lots of 4D action.

LEGO Racers in 4D – be the driver of a high-speed racer
You can still see the cool LEGO® Racers film that takes you on a tour of an amazing world. Wearing 3D glasses, it’s as if you’re at the wheel of one of the lightning-fast LEGO Racers! And there is more! You will also experience the 4th Dimension, as a snowstorm howls around you!

Worth knowing
• Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
• Everyone receives 3D glasses before the films begin

• See show times on posters in the park

• LEGO Studios is located in Imagination Zone

  • You must be at least 3 years old to go on this ride


Did you know that 3D technology involves superimposing two pictures on top of each other? Each eye registers a picture, and the polarised 3D glasses enable the brain to form a complete, three dimensional picture. But your head does all the organising.

LEGO Studios – in dry figures


• The screen is 6.5 m tall and 11 m wide
• The loudspeakers have 32,000 W output power. 2000 W are normally enough for an indoor music event
• 8 huge wind cannons that resemble jet plane motors have been installed to create ”wind”
• 200 projectors are coordinated to go on and off with the action and music
• 25 km of cables and wire were required to make LEGO STUDIOS function.