Ice Pilots School 

If you loved Power Builder, then the Ice Pilots School is just the thing for you. We have updated the hall so it looks like a flying school, but all of your favourite Power Builder features are still there. You can still build your trip exactly the way you want it – up, down or all over the place. You’re the test pilot, so you decide how to make your flight as cool as you like.

Ice Pilots School
The coolest pilot school in the world is right here in LEGOLAND. We filled a huge hangar with LEGO® models, and turned up the arctic atmosphere just for you. So if you’re a test pilot who can keep cool, try out the Ice Pilots School’s amazing robotic flight simulator.


Build your own flight: cool, super-cool or mega-cool
Build your very own flight with our easy-to-use touchscreens.  You can choose from a wide selection of movements: up, down, or all around – and in all sorts of crazy ways. You’re the pilot, so you decide whether your trip will be cool, super-cool or mega-cool.

Get ready to strap in and hang on!


Worth knowing

  • You must be over 120 cm tall in order to participate
  • To test the three wildest rides, you must be at least 140 cm tall
  • Two people can take a ride at the same time
  • You must be at least 120 cm tall for this ride, however not taller than 195 cm
For the wildest rides, you must be at least 140 cm tall
  • Limited access for persons with disabilities. For more information, please contact the ride personnnel. Persons with disabilities must be accompanied by a helper (maximum 3 helpers).
  • Not permitted for pregnant mothers or persons with heart, neck, back or other health problems.
  • Skip the queue Buy an Express Pass (only available in the LEGOLAND park) and get quick access to up to 9 rides. Express Pass can be used once per ride and is valid for one day. Park capacity allows only a limited number per day.