Penguin Bay 

Explore Penguin Bay in Polar Land
Penguin Bay lets you explore a colony of live penguins at close quarters – both above and below water.


Penguin Bay is a 156 square meter natural area with boulders, a rocky beach and cold water where penguins have plenty of room to romp.

Discover the penguins up close
You can experience the penguins in Polar Land in several ways. You can study them from the large spectator area that is built into the "cliff”. You can follow them from the Polar Pizza & Pasta restaurant while enjoying your food. Or you can catch a glimpse of Penguin Bay when you pass by on the Polar X-plorer.


Finally, you can learn more about the penguins several times a day at our exciting penguin talks. Here, you’ll gain unique insight into how one of the world’s most unusual birds lives in places where most other species have to give up. Did you know, for instance, that gentoo penguins are the fastest penguins in the water, and that they can swim up to 36 kph? Read more in FUN FACTS, to the right.


The time and place for penguin talks will be posted at Penguin Bay.