Companies up to 800 persons in total

We create the setting for your private event

We arrange whatever it is you’re celebrating; confirmation, wedding, anniversary or anything else.
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Enjoy an unforgettable day

We’re ready to create the setting for your own personal event. 
This could be a confirmation, wedding, anniversary or anything else. 

With a focus on good taste, our chef is a guarantee of first-class gastronomy. Our own bakery produces the tastiest bread. Our confectioner can tempt you with the most exquisite treats and iconic LEGO® chocolates, and our florist sets the mood with beautiful, creative decorations. 
Everything has been thought through, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy an unforgettable day. 

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Confirmation is a very special event that demands the right surroundings and especially the right menu. Our hard-working chefs have put together a delectable confirmation menu that will guarantee guests an experience quite out of the ordinary on your special day. 

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A wealth of opportunities

You can put your event together yourself. You could have, for example:  

The Royal - the red carpet has been rolled out, there are festive decorations with huge chandeliers, and a sumptuous menu is served in the Knight’s Room at LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel. 

The Comfortable - enjoy the company of your guests in a sublime experience in the LEGOLAND® Park, where you can make discoveries and enjoy a lovely party at the hotel. 

The Adventuresome - start with a welcome drink in Atlantis and see the world below the waves, then invite your company to a magical evening in the Castle. 

The Trendy - the ultimate party, which we begin with Sablet champagne, the DJ provides the perfect musical atmosphere, and you can enjoy an unsurpassed share-food menu followed by an after-party in the cocktail bar. 

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Other events and experiences

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