At the 4-star Hotel LEGOLAND®, you are living right in the middle of the world's funniest country where you can stay in cool LEGO® themed rooms.

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LEGO Movie World hotel room


Master builders wanted! Fight the DUPLO® invasion with the other master builders from THE LEGO® MOVIE™ WORLD in the brand new LEGO® MOVIE™ rooms.

167 Legoland K1A3295 Final 1920X1080


The ninjas are here! Sneak around like a ninja and move soundlessly through the night with your LEGO® NINJAGO® friends Cole, Nya, Kai and Lloyd.

LEGO Friends hotel room

LEGO® Friends room

It's fun time! Go to Heartlake City and visit the world's best LEGO® girlfriends, Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie and Emma. Will you tell each other secrets before you fall asleep in Olivia's treetop house?

LEGOLAND Treasure hotel room

Treasure room

Explore lizards and the LEGO® creepy-crawlers of the world as a true explorer as you move around in your dreams to find the treasure.

LEGOLAND Adventure Hotel room

Adventure room

Pull out your compass and put on your pith helmet, and you are ready for a wild LEGO® adventure. But be awake! Maybe it's not just tarantulas that are lurking.

Kingdom DSC9323

Kingdom room

The dragons are coming! Fight the terrifying dragons with your lance, and let the shield protect you from the dragons' fire. Can you overcome the dragons?

131 Legoland K1A2761 Final 700X500 (1)

Pirate room

Ahoy, landlubber! Go on a pirates’ raid for priceless treasures, but beware! Soon you will be in a roaring cannon fight against other pirates if you do not remove the patch from your eye.

Park View Børn Udsigten

Park view room

With a view to a dream! Let the LEGO® bricks come to life outside your window as you look across the entire LEGOLAND® from your room.

JWW 17 Lego Rum 1 12563 Junoir Suite

Junior suite

Family time! Pull days out of the calendar for some family time in relaxing surroundings and with plenty of time for each other.

Business Bed

Business room

On a business trip? Why not mix business with pleasure when you can spend the night in a room with ample of space to work and also relax in the hotel’s inviting lounge area?

Kingdom Adventure 505X333px

Multi room

In our disabled-friendly rooms, there is plenty of space to play and time to relax after a magical day in the park.

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