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Polar X-plorer

A cool rollercoaster ride with a 5-metre drop and ice cold polar atmosphere

Polar X-plorer

Polar Land

  • 120-130 with companion
  • 120 minimum
  • Companion
  • Heart - back
  • Walk - Hold on

Jump aboard a snowmobile and take your family on an amazing rollercoaster ride through the huge Polar Land – filled with wild LEGO® animals and live penguins. Hold on to your hat and grab your goggles as you whiz over the icebergs. But beware: all of a sudden, you’re going to crash through the ice, take a unique five-metre “free fall”, and end up right in a den of polar bears. So climb aboard if you dare – this is going to be REALLY cool!

Worth knowing

  • You must be at least 130 cm tall to ride alone
  • Children between 120 and 130 cm must be accompanied by an adult (18+)
  • Don't forget to purchase a memory of your trip in the Polar X-plorer – your proof that you survived the 5 m free fall. Photos are paid for separately
  • Polar X-plorer remains closed if day temperatures are below 5 degrees Celsius

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