Build holiday memories with your family

Dreaming of a fun summer holiday with the kids? Open your eyes to an unforgettable family holiday in LEGOLAND®!

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Summer holiday for the whole family

Do you love summer, sun and experiences for the whole family? Fill your summer holiday with family fun and book a Short Break at one of our three fantastic accommodations:

⭐ Stay in a cool LEGO® themed room at the 4-star Hotel LEGOLAND®.

🔮 Stay in magical surroundings among princesses and wizards at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

🌷 Get close to nature in a cosy cabin or board a rocking pirate room in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village.

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The best children's holiday ever

Right next to LEGOLAND® is the atmospheric LEGOLAND Holiday Village with lots of outdoor activities and plenty of room for play. Here, you can choose between spending your night in Wild West cabins, Pirate rooms, native American tents or on our camping ground.


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Stay in unique LEGO® surroundings

At Hotel LEGOLAND®, you stay in a magical and colourful LEGO® world right next door to LEGOLAND. In our cool LEGO-themed rooms, you'll find iconic LEGO characters that come to life and take you on adventures in your dreams.

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Move into the Castle!

An enchanted castle towers right beside LEGOLAND®. The king and the queen reside here in the Kingdom of LEGOLAND, and you may be their guest, if you like. In fact, there are 142 fairy tale rooms, and you may choose yourself where you want to stay – will it be in the princess's royal chambers, in the dragon knight’s cool living room or in the wizard’s magical observatory? 

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Save 25% on your Short Break with a season pass

Did you know that you get more than 20 amazing benefits with AWESOME and EXTREME season passes? For example, you save 25% on Short Breaks in LEGOLAND®!

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Terms & conditions

  • Incl. 1 day entry tickets for LEGOLAND®
  • Incl. 1 night's stay at Hotel LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Holiday Village or Castle Hotel
  • Incl. breakfast, except for stays in Wild West and NINJAGO cabins
  • Rates apply for 2 adults and 2 children
  • All bookings must be paid in advance and can only be changed or refunded in accordance with applicable terms and conditions of sale

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