Security and regulations

Security and regulations

To ensure the best experience possible during your visit to LEGOLAND®, we have laid down a number of rules for your visit to the park, which we ask you to follow.
Unless otherwise stated, reference is made to the Danish Public Order Act. Any violation of these regulations may result in expulsion, and in severe cases in reporting to the police.
Thank you for your understanding – we hope you enjoy your visit to LEGOLAND.


  • LEGOLAND® is reserved for pedestrian guests. No bicycles, mopeds, roller skates, skateboards, scooters etc. are permitted in the park. Guests with physical impairments may bring an electric or manual wheelchair.
  • Dogs are welcome, however with due consideration to children and other guests in the park. Dogs must always be on a leash and may not be left unattended. Dog breeds which are illegal according to Danish law are not permitted in LEGOLAND. See the list of illegal dog breeds here.
  • No items may be collected from waste bins in LEGOLAND.
  • Guests may not be visibly intoxicated in LEGOLAND or bother others by shouting, behaving unacceptably or the like.
  • Bare feet and exposed torsos are not permitted, and shoes and clothing must be worn throughout the visit.
  • Discarding of paper and waste, general contamination and damage to buildings, decorations, fixtures, equipment or the like is not permitted.
  • Putting up posters or distributing brochures is not permitted.
  • Political or religious propaganda is not permitted.
  • Flowers or plants in the LEGOLAND park gardens may not be picked or collected.
  • Please use the park toilets for adults and children.
  • Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is only permitted in designated areas.
  • Hookahs and their use are not permitted in LEGOLAND.
  • The use of all kinds of drones at or above the LEGOLAND park area is not permitted.
  • Instructions from LEGOLAND employees must always be complied with.


Guests using the LEGOLAND® attractions must comply with the rules posted at the individual attractions and must follow instructions from park staff, including the following:

  • Age, height and health restrictions apply to certain attractions – always read the instructions at the individual attractions.
  • Please ONLY get on and off attractions when they have stopped and only in the designated area.
  • No loose items may be brought onto attractions.
  • Careless or reckless behaviour that may endanger yourself or others is not permitted.
  • Safety bars and other safety equipment may not be loosened or in any other way be made inoperable.
  • Attractions in the park may not be used by persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants.
  • Smoking or consumption of food and beverages is not permitted in attractions.
  • LEGOLAND park signs regarding queueing must always be respected.


  • Checks of bags and pockets may be carried out at the main entrance to the park. In this connection, park security personnel will be visible in front of the entrance.
  • Contents of bags or pockets must be presented at the request of LEGOLAND® guards/inspectors.

    The following items are prohibited

    • All forms of illegal objects under Danish law, including weapons, objects that can be used as weapons or any item that may represent a danger to park visitors. Please keep in mind that Danish law may vary from that of your home country. Illegal items will be confiscated and handed over to the police, and legal charges will be brought.
    • All forms of fireworks.
    • Hookahs.
    • Any type of grill or barbecue equipment.
    • Rolling means of transport, including scooters, skateboards, roller skates, bicycles etc. (disability means of transport excepted).
    • Boomboxes and other forms of music systems.
    • Drones and other remote controlled objects.
    • Sharp objects, including scissors above a certain size, screwdrivers, etc.

  • Threatening or violent behaviour towards other guests or staff in LEGOLAND will be reported to the police and the person responsible will be asked to leave the park without a refund.
  • Actual or attempted theft and vandalism will be reported to the police and the person responsible will be asked to leave the park without a refund.
  • Ignition and the use of fireworks or other forms of pyrotechnics is not permitted.
  • LEGOLAND is under video surveillance.
  • LEGOLAND reserves the right at any time to refuse access to, or to expel individuals or groups who do not respect staff instructions, rules and safety directions. This also includes individuals or groups who by their clothing or general behaviour create discomfort.


  • No audio or video equipment may be used during shows and concerts.
  • Erected barriers must always be respected.
  • Show consideration for other guests and follow any instructions from security staff.


Access to LEGOLAND® is possible within the posted opening hours on presentation of a valid ticket or access card.
If you leave LEGOLAND and wish to return later the same day, you can get a stamp on your hand at the exit.
LEGOLAND may at any time change the posted opening hours or shut down the park out of safety considerations or if any special situations occur.


You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to LEGOLAND®. You may only consume your own food and drink at designated LEGOLAND park tables and benches. General reference is made to the Pirate Park, where your may enjoy your own food.

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