LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel

LEGOLAND bids cool princesses, brave dragon knights and mad wizards welcome to LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel.
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Let the trumpets blare!

An enchanted castle towers right beside LEGOLAND®. The king and the queen reside here in the Kingdom of LEGOLAND, and you may be their guest, if you like. In fact, there are 142 fairy tale rooms, and you may choose yourself where you want to stay – will it be in the princess's royal chambers, in the dragon knight’s cool living room or in the wizard’s magical observatory? Whatever you choose, you are the guest of honour with your own royal entrance to LEGOLAND.

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Knights' Tavern Restaurant

Knights' Tavern Restaurant

The kingdom is buzzing and seething with anticipation and excitement about the royal banquet in the hotel's own restaurant, the Knights´ Tavern Restaurant. Watch the chef prepare the delicious menu, but beware: maybe your food is grilled with real dragonfire!

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LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

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Explore the castle and discover the LEGO® magic everywhere. Already now you can look forward to meeting lots of brave princesses and knights, busy ladies-in-waiting, mystical wizards and fire-breathing dragons. So turn down the visor and put on the seven-league boots, because it's time to step into a genuine fairy tale.

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Access Denmark

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel is an Access Denmark registered site. As a guest with special needs at one of our accommodation units, you can find detailed information with pictures of the access conditions at 

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