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Welcome to a day filled with experiences and activities in a fantastic world of LEGO® bricks

Activities for groups

See LEGOLAND® like never before – explore every corner and quizz yourself on your knowledge about LEGOLAND®

Quiz - How well do  you know LEGOLAND®?

The perfect quiz if you love exploring and want to experience all of LEGOLAND® in a new and exciting way. You get the chance to take a closer look at some of our rides, and discover things you may not have noticed before. The quiz is for children of all ages and ends with the award of LEGO® boxed sets as prizes. You can make the awards yourself, or get help from a LEGOLAND® character, such as our beautiful princess.
The quiz is only available for groups of 20 or more people.

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Entertainment by LEGOLAND® Characters

Let the park's popular pirates and princesses entertain the children in your group, leaving mum and dad extra time to enjoy their brunch etc. in peace and quiet.

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Hotel LEGOLAND and LEGOLAND Holiday Village offer special teambuilding activities for companies and associations.