Polar Land

Polar Land offers tons of excitement. Try the 5 meter free fall in Polar X-plorer or design your very own ride in the Ice Pilots School. Welcome inside the world’s coolest Polar Land.


Build A Boat 1200X1200px

Arctic Icebreakers

Design and build your very own boat to sail on the river. Launch it and see if it floats – only the fastest ship wins!

  • For the whole family
  • LEGOLAND, Polar Land
104 Legoland K1A2226 Final 700X500

Ice Pilots School

Design your own hair-raising ride: You decide how cool you want your ride to be. Opens again in 2024.

  • Minimum height 120 cm
  • Thrill rides
  • LEGOLAND, Polar Land
027 Legoland K1A0973 Final 700X500

Polar X-plorer

With a top speed of 65 kph, Polar X-plorer delivers lots of shivers! Polar X-plorer is full of surprises and an amazing polar atmosphere just waiting to be experienced – a ride that promises…

  • Minimum height 120 cm
  • Thrill rides
  • LEGOLAND, Polar Land

Food and drinks

040 Legoland K1A1137 Final 700X500 1

Polar Pizza & Pasta

In the heart of Polar Land you will find lots of delicious delights at Polar Pizza & Pasta.

  • Buffet
  • LEGOLAND, Polar Land

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