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Weee, race off in X-treme Racers!

Just follow the noise – as X-treme Racers coaster is a barrel of laughs and high thrills. This is your chance to try one of the coolest rollercoasters in LEGOLAND® that takes you up and down and round sharp twisting bends at breakneck speed.

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Ride restrictions guide

Limited access for disabled guests

Minimum height 120 cm

Maximum height 195 cm

Not permitted for pregnant women and guests with heart, neck, back or other health problems

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First time in X-treme Racers ever!

What a ride in X-treme Racers, the two brothers Felix and Viggo were on, when Viggo tried X-treme Racers for the first time ever. See his crazy reactions, when he tried the ride alone with his brother as he was finally high enough to try the ride without an adult.

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  • X-treme Racers is located in Adventure Land

Did you know?

  • Afterwards, you can buy a photograph of yourself taken during the ride

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