Pirates' Inn Restaurant

A real pirate's buffet!

LEGOLAND® Holiday Village features a pirate restaurant where the entire family can enjoy a large and delicious breakfast buffet and evening buffet.

LEGOLAND® Holiday Village, LEGOLAND®
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Breakfast Buffet

In the breakfast buffet you'll find a variety of cereals, an exciting selection of homemade organic bread, delicious cold cuts, juices, milk, coffee, tea and sweets to soften the most dangerous pirates.

89 DKK for children and 159 DKK for adults.

Opening hours: 07.00-10.30.

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Evening Buffet

Conclude the day with an all you can eat buffet incl. soft drinks & ice cream.

In the evening buffet you'll find a captain-worthy buffet filled with exciting salads, several kinds of meat and fish, potatoes, flavourful sauces, soft drinks and a build-your-own ice cream buffet with a fantastic selection of toppings.

And best of all, you can fill your plate as many times as you like! Aye aye, captain!

149 DKK for children.
279 DKK for adults.
Opening hours: 17.30-20.00/ 21.00.

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