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'Show Consideration' wristband

If you or your child has a hidden disability or a diagnosis such as anxiety, autism or ADHD, meaning that queuing at our rides is a challenge, you can get a 'Show Consideration' wristband, which allows you quicker access to selected rides. Order the wristband online before you visit and collect it from the Information Desk once you have entered LEGOLAND®. 

The wristband allows up to three people to access the ride more quickly. A responsible companion aged at least 18 must always accompany the holder of the 'Show Consideration' wristband. The responsible companion will also be given a companion wristband.

Please note that there are only a limited number of 'Show Consideration' wristbands per day. So, book your wristband in plenty of time.

It can only be booked online and is only valid on the selected date. 

Guidelines for using the 'Show Consideration' wristband:

  • Order ONLY for the person who will be wearing the wristband.
  • The 'Show Consideration' wristband can be collected from the Information Desk before 2 p.m. on the day of the visit.
  • The wristband gives access to 1 go hourly per ride. 
  • Show your 'Show Consideration' wristband at the rides for easier access. The rides can be accessed via the Reserve & Ride entrance. If the ride does not have a Reserve & Ride entrance, use the ride’s exit or contact the staff.
  • You must always be accompanied by a companion over the age of 18 when having a go on the rides. If an employee thinks that it is not safe for you to have a go on a ride, the employee will not allow you to get on. This is solely for your safety.
  • The wristband is not an entrance ticket - the entrance ticket must be bought separately.

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