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If you have a hidden disability such as anxiety, autism or ADHD, we offer a ’Show consideration’ wristband. This allows you faster access to the ride and means less time queuing.

Guidelines for the use of the ’Show consideration’ wristband:
If you are eligible for the ’Show consideration’ scheme, you will be given a ’Show consideration’ wristband. To obtain a Show consideration’ wristband, your responsible helper must download, complete and sign this form. For any future visits, please complete the form again to receive a ’Show consideration’ wristband.

Show the ’Show consideration’ wristband at the rides to gain faster access. Access to rides is through the Q-bot entrance. If the ride does not have a Q-bot entrance, you must use the exit or contact the staff at the ride.

You must always be accompanied by a helper on rides.
For safety reasons, your companion must be at least 18 years old; your companion will receive a companion wristband. It is possible that more than one person may carry the companion wristband, as long as they are at least 18 years old.
It is the employee at the individual ride, who assesses whether a person is responsible.
You can bring a maximum of four people on rides - on the Flying Eagle, however, max 1 person - of which at least 1 must have a companion wristband.
See companion overview.

We almost always offer disabled persons and ’Show consideration’ wristband bearers an extra ride, but on very busy days we are obliged to limit this. If you want additional rides, you are welcome to come back after one hour.

If an employee finds that it is not safe for you to go on a ride, he or she is obliged to make sure that you do not expose yourself to risk and must therefore reject you. This is exclusively for your own safety.

All restrictions for rides must be respected by all guests. The restrictions can be found in our information folder for the disabled and ’Show consideration’ wristband bearers, at or the Safe & Fun signs at the individual rides.

Please note that the LEGO® Studios, THE TEMPLE, Ghost – The Haunted House and LEGO NINJAGO® The Ride og Lloyd’s Laser Maze attractions feature strobe lights.

The ’Show consideration’ wristband does not provide faster access to the SEAT Traffic School, the Indian Camp or LEGOLDMINE®, and it does not offer advantages at unmanned activities, play grounds or special events.

See park and activity opening hours before booking a ’Show consideration’ wristband.

Download and fill out the form prior to your visit.

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