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An enchanted castle towers right next to LEGOLAND®. Stay in the princess's royal chambers, in the dragon knight’s cool living room or the wizard's magical observatory. Whatever you choose, you are the guest of honour in the fairy tale at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

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The Dragon Knight’s room

Be brave and grab the sword! In the Dragon Knight’s room, the battle for the secret treasure is in full swing and they could use a brave knight like you.

Prinsesse Lille 1

The Princess' room

In the Princess Room, you can enjoy a lovely night’s sleep among whirling butterflies and wild horses – and wake up to sunshine, the chirping of birds and a day of adventure at LEGOLAND®.

Troldmand Lille 12

The Wizard's room

Hocus pocus! In the Wizard’s Magical Observatory, you stay with the wizard and his apprentices, who teach you secret spells and how to brew crazy elixirs.

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