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Coolest ninja news of the year!



Coolest ninja news of the year! NINJAGO® World

Welcome to LEGO® NINJAGO® World

The new LEGO® NINJAGO® World will challenge your ninja skills. Are you agile enough to complete Lloyd's Laser Maze? Do you have the strength for Cole's Rock Climb and the balance for Kai's Spinners? Are you fast enough for Jay's Lighting Drill, and are you ready for this year's greatest challenge in NINJAGO® The Ride?  

LEGOLAND® and the ninjas need your help. So get ready for the ultimate NINJAGO® experience in the interactive world feature attraction NINJAGO® The Ride. It will draw you right into the NINJAGO® universe, where you must learn to master four elements: Fire, lightning, earth and ice. For without your help, the ninjas will be unable to defeat The Great Devourer. In the words of Master Wu: “Together we are stronger”.

Awesome awaits in 2016.


In NINJAGO The Ride you will meet the famous heroes from the NINJAGO universe. Together you must learn to master the elements fire, earth, lightning and ice in order to fight the Great Devourer.

Your ninja moves fly through the air, while you are travelling through an awesome Ninjago 4D universe challenging all senses. A brand new technology transforms your movements into ninja forces on screen. So prepare to be deeply immersed in the NINJAGO universe.


Children under 115 cm or under the age of 6 years must be accompanied by a responsible person.

Activities for all family members

NINJAGO World is filled with both indoor and outdoor activities for the entire family. The activities take their departure in active play, teamwork and interaction.

Prepare to try out Lloyd’s Laser Maze, where you must use your ninja skills in order to make your way through 30 laser beams as quickly as possible. A scoring system keeps track of the day's records, so you can compete against family and friends.

In Jay's Lighting Drill you can test the speed of your movements by pressing the buttons that light up alternately as quickly as possible.

On Cole’s 12-meter long climbing wall you can train your strength and flexibility. Coloured climbing grips light up along the way, and help you to choose the right grip and follow certain routes.

A land filled with ninja challenges for the entire family.