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New in 2020! LEGO® MOVIE World

New in 2020! LEGO® MOVIE™ World

Good morning, master builder!

Have you heard about LEGO® MOVIE World, the story of the year in LEGOLAND® in 2020?

With your feet dangling from Emmet’s couch, you will be sucked into the lifelike LEGO® MOVIE universe for an action-packed ride with lots of wild effects in the flying, cinematic attraction in Scandinavia's first flying theater Emmet’s Flying Adventure - Masters of Flight. Experience the thrilling sensation as you fall through the air in the new ride, where Unikitty from LEGO® Movie 2 shows you her rainbow-coloured claws in a world without grumpy faces in Unikitty’s Disco Drop. Emmet, Lucy and Batman take you on a breath-taking mission to fight the DUPLO® invasion from outer space in an interactive ride Apocalypseburg Sky Battle that brings out the artistic flyer in you. As a pilot in your own plane, the wildness comes from you; fly upside down, make loops and fight the invasion. It takes courage to restore peace.

Emmet, Lucy and all the master builders are waiting for you in LEGO® MOVIE World, the story of the year in LEGOLAND® 2020.

Discover 3 brand new rides and 1 play tower in the new area


Emmet’s Flying Adventure - Masters of Flight

Sit down in Emmet’s couch and get sucked into THE LEGO® MOVIE universe with all senses as you float in front of a giant screen in Scandinavia’s first ride of its kind in Emmet’s Flying Adventure - Masters of Flight.


Apocalypseburg Sky Battle

Fight the DUPLO® invasion in an interactive ride, when you will rise 14 meters into the air on your own plane, fly head down, make loops and turn 360 degrees.


Unikitty’s Disco Drop

Feel the rush in your stomach on the rainbow coloured tower Unikitty’s Disco Drop, where Unikitty’s facial expression and mood will change from joy to anger, to motion-sickness as you move up and down the tower.


Benny's Playship

Play in the giant spaceship playground on the new play tower and roller coasters in Benny’s Playship.